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Christina Qi被誉为业界最受欢迎的女人,实至名归。从麻省理工学院(MIT)结业后不久,她与其他人一起创立了Domeyard对冲基金。6年后,Christina Qi和他的联合创始人现在已成为对冲基金和金融科技领域的领军人物。


2016年10月,在普林斯顿Quant Trading Conference组委会讲演晚宴上,我遇到了Christina Qi。我和她谈了我在这个职业的阅历以及想要寻求它的热情。我还掌管了她地点的小组,这给了我一个更好的机会去更多地了解她的为人和她的成功。

Christina Qi

Domeyard LP合伙人、《福布斯》30位30岁以下富豪。27岁的Christina Qi完成了大多数人一生中或许从未想过要做的工作。在MIT读本科时,她与两位联合创始人一起创建了Domeyard。白日,她会去上课,晚上,她会买卖并尽力开展公司。Christina Qi在本科期间触摸了这个职业,其时她在高盛、UBS、Zions银行和麻省理工学院林肯实验室(MIT Lincoln Laboratory)等几家大型投行实习。除此之外,她仍是MIT的客座讲师,与诺贝尔奖得主罗Robert Merton同事。像她这样的女人很少,她的路途是绝无仅有的,由于她正在做她自己喜爱做的工作,由于她一心一意地热衷于此,而不是由于其他人才这样做。



What Christina does and how she does it

When speaking with Christina, I asked her “what motivated you to start your hedge fund and what was your vision?” In response she told me a long story about how during her student years when she interned for several large investment banks, she felt there wasn’t a lot of use of technology. As a millennial, technology plays a huge role in our everyday lives. She wanted to come up with a way in which firms could utilize and access technology easier and incorporate it into their trading routines. With the growth of technology taking over the space of many investment banks and trading firms, she wanted to bring it to places that needed it the most.

Domeyard LP is a Boston-based hedge fund specializes in high frequency trading; specifically, they use strategies such as statistical arbitrage, short term strategies, and they look at overnight data to make their predictions for the next day. Christina says she loves the freedom of being able to carve her own path and have the decision on what she wants to do. She loves being able to essentially do whatever she wants. As a co-founder and Partner at Domeyard, she was able to help start and create a culture that cultivates intelligent minds and brilliant ideas. When coming up with the name Domeyard, her and her co-founders decided to integrate ‘yard’ from Harvard and ‘dome’ from MIT.

Looking into the future

The future of her company is something she frequently thinks about. In the next five years, she hopes to continue creating more amazing ideas and to expand the number of people who work at her company. She said she wants to pursue other things such as venture capital and see where it continues to grow from there. In addition to asking her questions about where she sees potential for her company, I asked her about challenges she faced along the way and how she overcame them. She said that as a woman, there is excessive pressure about fitting in or you will be outcasted. Discrimination exists subconsciously in the field, where men may do and say things they don’t really mean or don’t understand may be sexist. She believes it is incredibly important to not take these types of comments personally and to, instead, address them more head-on. She gave me an example of a time when she was at a dinner event and once it was over, a guy came up to her and told her they were done with their plates. She said that this instance surprised her and she was shocked about the comment, but she learned to laugh it off.

Success and getting there

In terms of some of the greatest instances of success to happen for her company, they were featured in Forbes in an article entitled “The Three Quants In Their 20s Running a Hedge Fund Making $1 Billion of Trades Daily.” Harvard performed a case study on the company when it was first started, and soon after that, the word spread about Domeyard and more people began reaching out. Christina is the most sought after woman in the industry. She has received so much attention that she is not particularly sure how to respond to her success. At times, she mentioned, she was not really sure how she got to where she was and if she even deserved it. She mentioned how amazing it is that after you become famous, people who ignored you in the past suddenly want to associate with you. She told me how when she was working on a trading desk in Japan as an intern, she sat next to a door in the back of the room and was basically ignored a vast majority of the day. There was a guy in particular who never talked to her but once she started Domeyard, that exact same company reached out and wanted to invest in it.

Christina outside of work

When Christina is not working, she likes to engage in different types of activities such as reading books, watching anime and TV, and hanging out with her friends. She told me her friends are of all different ages, even teenagers. She said she enjoys hanging out with people of all age groups. She frequently brought up how she enjoys living the ‘millennial life’ where she always is on her phone and meeting up with different people. When you speak with Christina, she is very easy-going and personable. In every interaction I have had with her, I feel at ease because, although she is really successful, she knows how to connect with nearly anyone she is speaking with.

The advice Christina would give to students aspiring to enter the industry is to always interview your interviewer. She says it’s crucial to ask as many questions as possible in order to make sure something is for you. She also said that companies check their candidates’ social media profiles and that it’s important to always present yourself professionally, even if it’s just a random profile online. She also said that when you are at an interview, one way to make sure something is for you is to observe the culture and atmosphere. Every place has a different vibe and some workers may all be older or all younger, so it’s important to make sure you can actually picture yourself at these companies and be realistico on whether or not you can picture yourself there. A few last pieces of advice Christina gave was to be open-minded with opportunities you’re given. The industry is constantly changing and it is definitely alright to change jobs and industries where necessary. Also, she mentioned that you won’t enjoy your job 100% of the time, but be happy at least 80% of the time you are working.


As a young finance fanatic and engineer, I look up to Christina and all that she has done. Since meeting her at the Princeton Quant Trading Conference and having dinner with her and the rest of my fellow committee members, I knew she was someone I could trust. Since speaking with Christina on the phone about her career, I am even more inspired and motivated to continue down my current path in finance. Though Christina said she didn’t really have a role model when pursuing the industry, I regard her as one of mine.

By Katelyn Schoenberger




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